ANTONIO CONEJO architect, structure engineer, certified passive house designer

“If I had asked the consumers what they wanted, they would have said: a faster horse. A customer needed a horse, we offered a car, he didn’t hesitate”. (Henri Ford).


ACYA-architecture & engineering team is run by Antonio Conejo who is an Architect, Structural Civil Engineer, and Certified passive house designer. Acya offers the planning and advising the whole project architecture, structure, instalations and construction. 


In every project, we begin a new way using all factors that take part in it (program, aims, plot, rules, environment, structure, building services,...). The proposal we show the client is the last step of a really long process that take us to an unknown initial proposal which may be very different from usual models.


The preestablished models are studied at the beginning as an example of functional distribution that becomes an additional factor more.


We don't do sculptures, we do architecture. We understand "architecture as a beautiful art, whose main purpose is it usefulness". 


All project stages, from concept desing to final documents (architecture datails, foundations, structures, electrical installations, plumbing, water supply, budget...) including the construction control, are carried out by ACYA's staff.


It allows us to deep total control on the project, that guarantees the construction of initial concept.


The Antonio’s professional training as Architect and Structural Civil Engineer. allows him to avoid the separation between subjective and objective processes, architects and engineers. This situation is very usual in real culture with not good results for owner or project sometimes.


Nowadays, the usual confrontation between architects (a humanist, a designer of ideas) and engineers (technical) is due to the need to adapt the architect’s job to the engineering. The consequence is sometimes the preliminary design distortion. Only the considerations of humanist and technical factor when the idea is being created, would avoid the previous clash.


Those ideas are born from the subconscious. They’re consequence of its creator’s knowledge, the architect.


For us, the solution is the architect and engineering’s skill, the mixture between creation and Knowledge. It should permit him to be placed between humanism & technique. In this situation the artistic perception and the technical influence each other. The first one is influenced by the second one, and the one goes ahead to make the first possible.


To get the enrichment between architecture-engineering, humanism-technical, without any imposition of one on the other, requires that both abilities must be in initially in the same person. It has to be the person who creates the idea, it normally is the architect.


This is the reason that allows to Antonio Conejo to conceive projects that are real from their birth. They are developed by ACYA with his continuous supervision. It guarantees the keeping of the preliminary design.    



-        June 1998-99 Internship in Structure Department of AYESA firm in Seville while the "Final qualifying project" at University is developed.


-    March 2000. Registered as an architect with the Architect Registration Board of Spain.


-          2000 Architect in Architecture Department “building and Urban”. Design and structural projects. Seville


-          2001 Development the buildings to the “Olympic Games ATHENS 2004”. Santiago Calatrava´s workshop. Valencia.


-          2001/02 Professor in Structure Department in Seville Architecture University.


-          2002-2006. Projects Director in architecture department in AYESA firm. Preliminary designs, foundation and structural projects, architecture projects and project management for construction.


-          2006... Foundation of the Architecture workshop ACYA ARQUITECTURA


Architecture and engineering projects


According to RIBA terms: Concept design, Design development, Technical design (design and calculation).


-       “Leisure and shopping Center”. Cartuja Island, Sevilla. 125,000 sq meter. First award in the competition. Concept design and Design development with Ricardo Bofill architect. 


-        "Study of the state of cracking of the columns of the Cathedral of Seville”.


-       "Project of auscultation and characterization tests of the structure of the Cathedral of Seville." (Design development, Technical design and Construction control).


-        Adaptation of the racing circuit of Jerez to the new international standard", Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz. Concept design, Development design, foundation and structure technical design. Construction completed in 2005.


-       First award in the competition. “Headquarters of the Andalusia Women's Institute” in Sevilla in collaboration with the architect Jose Antonio Carbajal. Concept design. Construction completed in 2011.


-       First award in the competition.“Administrative building for two provincial offices” of the Government of Andalusia. Jaen in collaboration with the architect Jose Antonio Carbajal. Design development, and Technical design. Construction completed in 2007.


-      “Units in Factory Las Canteras. Leopard program" for SBB-Armored, Alcalá de Guadaira, Sevilla. Concept design, Design development, Technical design and Control construction. Construction completed in 2001.


-       “Headquarter of the Andalusia Football Federation" in the north tower of Seville Olympic Stadium. Concept design and Design development.


-       "Technical Building in factory Las canteras. Leopard program "for SBB-Armored, Alcalá de Guadaira, Sevilla. Concept design, Design development, Technical design and Construction control. Construction completed in 2002.


-       "2004 Athens Olympics Games" including the coverings for the "Olympic stadium and swimming pools, Pedestrian Bridge and Modal station”. Concept design and Design development. It was made working for Santiago Calatrava's workshop. Construction completed in 2004.


 -      "Project of Replacement of two column of Seville Cathedral" Council of Seville, (Spain). Conept design, Design development, Technical design and Construction control. Construction completed in 2008.


-       "Rehabilitation  and refurbishment" of Headquarters Building of the Hydrographic Confederation of the Southern", in Malaga. Hydrographic confederation of Guadalquivir River. Concept design and Design development . Construction completeted in 2004.


-     "Pedestrian bridge" of "Integration of the river bed of the Lower Guadalquivir river passing through the neighborhood of Torreblanca. Municipality of Sevilla, 975 meters long of Guadalquivir river shore. " Ministry of Environment, secretary of state waters and coasts, Confederation of the Guadalquivir river. Concept design, Design development, Technical design. Construction completed in 2004.


-       "Health Center Orusco of Tajuña" Madrid Health Service. Concept design, Design development, Technical design. Construction compled in 2005.


-      "Clinic of the Royal Andalusia Football Federation in Seville." Concept design, Design development. Unbuilt


-      Competition Finalist for the "Sports Palace Mediterranean, Almería. Mediterranean Games Society Almería 2005. Concept design. Finalist.


-      "Railway Station and Footbridge” in San Fernando, Cádiz. Ministry of Development. Concept design, Design development, Foundation and structure of Technical design. Construction completed in 2007.


-      “Headquarters of AYESA engineering company” Surface 11.250 sq meter. Isla de la Cartuja, Sevilla. Concept design, design development, technical design. Construction completed in 2006.


-       "Extension of South Park Shopping Mall in Leganés”, Madrid. Size 43.642sq meter. Concept design, Design development and Technical design. Construction completed in 2004


-       “New Market Nervión" Marqués de Pickman street, Sevilla.Demolish design of old building, Concept design, Design development, Technical design. Construction completed in 2007


-      New investigation headquarters C.S.I.C. National Park of Doñana, Huelva. Concept design.


-      Corporate image for Volvo-trucks Veinsur to adapt the buildings of existing dealers. Concept design.


-      “New Heineken beer factory”, Seville. Director of Technical Assistance in implementation. Concept design, Design development, Foundation, structure of Technical design, tender documentation and Project Manager for construction. Construction completed in 2007.


-      “Mall and Office Center in Lebrija”, Sevilla. Size 5.376sq meter. Concept design, Design development, Technical design and Control construction. Construction completed in 2011.


-      "Headquarter Iglesias Insurance company" in Fuente de Cantos, Badajoz (Spain). Concept design, Design development, Technical design


-      Apartment Hotel. El Puerto de Santa María”, Cádiz. Concept design, design development, technical design and control construction. Construction completed in 2013.


-       "Central subway station and shopping Center" in Benimamet, Valencia. Competition Finalist. Concept design.


-      “Business and Commercial Center in Granada”. Concept design, Design development.


-      “Extension the Harbormaster office in Alicante”. Government of Spain. First award in the competition. Concept design, Design development, Technical design.


 -      Business and Commercial Center in Juncaril, Granada. Concept design, Design development and Technical design. Construction completed in 2010.


-       Extension the Harbormaster office in Castellón”. Government of Spain. First award in the competition. Concept design, Design development, Technical design and Control construction. Construction completed in 2011.


-      Harbormaster office in Burela”, Lugo. Government of Spain. First award in the competition. Concept design, Design development, Technical design and Control construction. Construction completed in 2013.


-      "Hotel & Business Victoria Center” Building surface 50.172 m2. Intervention area 20.115m2. Malaga. Masterplan, Planning regulation and Concept design.


-       Exhibition Hall of Puente Genil”, Córdoba. Municipality of Puente Genil. Competition Finalist. Concept design and Structure and constructive system.


 Planning and Urban Design


-        Technical Assistance to urban design of “Modification of Planning of Sevilla (Southern Zone Sector of the Isla de la Cartuja).


-       "Modification of Seville planning regulation" in Market of Nervion plot.


-       "Advice on urban infrastructure projects" as Highway Information Study of motorway SE-40 North Fourth Ring West Sector, Informative Study of the Connection Via Linares-Albacete, informative study of route connecting the Extremadura dual carriageway and motorway "Via de la Plata".


-       "Adaptation and Integration Environmental of the surroundings of Guadalete River." Arcos de la Frontera, Cadiz. Hydrographic confederation of Guadalquivir River. Concept design and design development. Construction completed in 2003.


 -       Town Planning "Special Interior Reform plan of the hospital "Nino Jesus" for the Ronald Mc. Donal Foundation ". Regional Health Service. Community of Madrid.


-        Landscape architecture on Urban feasibility study about town planning in surrounding area the Guadalmedina river in Malaga city.


-        "Partial modification in town planning in San Juan de Aznalfarache city, Seville.


-        "Technical assistance for urban development" of the factory grounds of the Cruzcampo (Heineken) factory in Sevilla.


-       Masterplan Plan Pino Grande. Holiday area in Isla Cristina coast, Huelva.


-        Town planning of the subway of Granada. Department of Public Works of Andalusia.


-       "Modification of Granada planning regulation" of the Partial Plan Manzana1 Cortijo del Conde.


-        "Masterplan and modification of planning regulations of "Victoria Business Park”, located in Azucarera-Intelhorce Road, Malaga.


-       "Modification of planning regulations to the Special Plan of Alicante Port to allow extension of harbormaster office


Engineering projects.


Most of them are the structure and foundation Concept design and Technical design of projects made by other architects or engineers.


-        "Seville Olympic Stadium." Venue of the World Athletics Championship Seville'99. (Structure project, roof design and calculation of tension).Working as Structure Department worker in AYESA firm.


-        "Center for Prevention, Rehabilitation and Health Care "ASEPEYO, Isla de la Cartuja in Seville (11.580m2 built). Foundation and structure Technical design.


-        "Viaducts and over-roads" for the North Highway of Spain. Section of Navia. Foundation technical design.


-        "Rehabilitation to preserve the mineral loading dock of Rio Tinto", Huelva. Construction completed.


-        "Sport Stadium of Roquetas de Mar for the Mediterranean Games Almería 2005. Almeria. Sports Council. Foundation and structure Technical design. Construction completed.


-       Structure and Foundation projects. "Encarnación Market" in Seville (Spain).


-        "A 72 flat building" in Córdoba (Spain). City council. Foundation and structure Technical design. Construction completed.


-        "A 110 flat building" in Córdoba. Ferrovial Inmobiliaria developer. Technical design. Construction completed.


-        Building Surveyor about the current state of the works of the Old Hall of Customs and Police services for Harbormaster office of Seville. Government of Spain.


-        "Train and subway Central Station in Parla, Madrid. Structure technical design. Construction completed.


-        Building surveyor Spain Government supervision development projects: Harbormaster offices in Seville city, A Coruña city, Gijón city, Tarifa , Marín city, Cangas city and Villagarcía de Arousa city.


-        Pathologies report of structural condition of Harbormaster office of Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz).


-        Report of envelope and building services pathologies of European Business and Innovation (EUROCEI). Government of Andalusia Region. 






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